Mythical Map…



Abstract wet felted picture.I have recently had fun exploring colour and texture with another abstract wet felted project created with Merino wool.  This piece was started in one of Robyn’s workshops but as always I ran out of time so it was finished off and embellished at home.  Once it had dried I decided to decorate it using machine stitching to define the orange areas.  Once this was done, I randomly added a few old beads (from broken jewellery) and some hand embroidered stitching.  At this stage I thought the orange areas looked like land masses and the piece started to resemble a mythical ‘map’ with strange symbols which might indicate buried treasure or long lost civilisations.  I quite liked this idea so I played on this theme, adding more beads and hand stitching.


Detail of abstract picture


Close up detail showing beading and hand stitching on colourful wet felted picture.

Some of the beads I used were quite large so once it was finished the picture needed a deep frame.  Ikea sell RIBA ‘deep’ frames in 2 sizes (or maybe more?) which are perfect for displaying 3 dimensional work.  They are not expensive, available in black or white and come complete with a mount and fixings for hanging on the wall. I particularly like the black as these seem to create a more dramatic effect.



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