Unleash Your Creativity…..

I am currently offering a variety of workshops in both Textiles and Feltmaking to creative groups within Lincolnshire and further afield. Whether you are an absolute beginner, or you are wanting to build on previous experience, I can put together a workshop to suit you or your group. I normally limit classes to 15 students but am happy to discuss larger numbers if required.

One to one and small group tuition (max 4) is also available in my studio in Horncastle. If you require more information or prices please get in touch using the contact form.

The following are examples of just some of workshops I do, however if there is a particular technique or project you have in mind, but don’t see it here, please get in touch and I will be happy to discuss your requirements.

Wet Felted Birds – in this two day workshop we will be working around a flat resist to create a 3D wet felted bird. You can use one of the templates provided or I can help you to design your own. You will learn how to integrate the tail feathers and create the legs using a wire armature.

INSPIRED by NATURE – 3D TEXTILES – Tyvek fabric is an incredibly versatile medium which can be painted, stitched and manipulated using a heat tool. If we then combine these processes with a wire armature, and inspiration taken from nature, we can produce beautiful 3D forms ranging from a simple leaf or flower to a more complex shape such as the seed pod. Students are encouraged to come up with their own design prior to forming the armature but for those less confident there will be templates to follow. You might chose to add further detail in the form of hand embellishing with threads and/or beads but however you approach this project, due to the unpredictability of heat manipulation, you will be creating a piece of textile art which is totally unique. Suitable for all abilities.

LAYER, STITCH & BURN – This is a fun, experimental workshop in which we will be getting creative with a variety of synthetic fabrics. Students can use their own design or simply follow one of the examples shown. Techniques to be used will include cutting, layering, bonding, foiling and free motion stitching. Finally we will burn away our background using a soldering iron & heat tool to leave a beautiful lace like effect. No previous experience necessary.

SLOW STITCH (or Hand Embroidery for those of us of a certain age!) is the perfect pastime for anyone wanting to take time out, relax and unwind while getting creating with thread. In the morning we will begin by practising several basic, and a few not so basic, stitches suitable for our floral “garden” themed embroidery. After lunch we will chose our favourites and, using your own design or the templates provided, combine these to stitch a beautiful floral design. These look great simply hanging on display in their hoop or they can be framed and displayed behind glass.

LUTRADUR LEAVES – In this workshop we will be creating a variety of lifelike leaves, some perfectly formed, others may appear to be partly eaten away by insects or simply decayed by age. We will work with Lutradur fabric, free motion stitch and acrylic paint. Once you have your collection of leaves it’s up to you what you do with them. They look great individually mounted onto greetings cards or attached to a fabric background as a brooch. They can be incorporated in your art quilts, simply mounted in a box frame or they could form the basis of a “Forest Floor” inspired piece.

FOREST FLOOR – This is a fast paced, experimental workshop using soldering irons and heat tools with heat manipulative fabrics incuding Tyvek and Lutradur. Our theme is the Forest Floor and students are encouraged to do a little foraging and bring along leaves, bark, etc to use as inspiration. Our fabrics will be painted, stitched, distressed and shaped to totally transform them into twigs, bark, leaves and a tiny seed pod. Suitable for all abilities, this can be booked as a two day class in which students will produce lots of samples on day one and a completed piece of work, in their chosen size, on day two. Alternatively I also run this as a one day class in which students simply focus on learning the techniques and their samples can be used to create a finished piece at a later date.

WET FELTED ROLL EDGE COLLAR– In this one day workshop we will combine lightweight, soft, Superfine Merino fibres with silky botanical fibres to create a beautiful, collar. These sculptural collars are incredibly lightweight, warm, attractive and totally unique. This class is suitable for all abilities including beginners.

Wet Felted Nuno Scarf – In this one day workshop you will learn how to combine Superfine Merino fibres with light weight silk fabrics to create your own beautiful, and totally unique, wet felted Nuno Scarf. This workshop is suitable for any ability including absolute beginners.

3D WET FELTING AROUND A RESIST – This workshop is a great introduction to 3D Wet Felting around a resist. We will work with beautiful soft Merino fibres and you can chose what you would like to make. That might be a purse/glasses case, phone case or a bowl. This workshop is suitable for all abilities and, once learnt, these skills can be applied to larger wet felted projects such as bag making, creating 3D vessels and so much more!

POPPIES WALL HANGING – In this two day workshop you will create a fabulous Wet Felted Wallhanging using Bergschaf and Merino fibres based on a floral theme. Bring some inspiration in the form of photos or sketches to work up your own design, not necessarily poppies, or simply follow one of the examples shown. During the two days we will use a variety of techniques including wet felting, needle felting, couching and free motion embroidery. Suitable for all abilities.

ART QUILT – Create a beautiful nature inspired art quilt using a variety of fabrics and techniques including painting, appliqué, hand stitch and free motion stitching. This can be booked as a one day workshop, resulting in a mini quilt, or as a two day course, working on a larger scale. Students are encouraged to bring along photos or sketches as inspiration for working up their own design. If you would prefer to concentrate on technique and simply follow one of the examples shown on the day you are welcome to do so. Suitable for all abilities.

WET FELTED BAG – Using a series of resists and wool fibres you will create your very own handbag. This could be a clutch bag with integral handle or a shoulder bag with a felt or chain handle. Whichever style you chose you will also learn how to add different types of surface design to make your bag totally unique. This workshop is suitable for all abilities but please be aware that the felting process for making this type of bag is very physical and a certain degree of stamina is required.
A bag is certainly doable in a day but if you (or your group) are completely new to Wet Felting you might want to consider pacing yourself and doing it over two days. Likewise if you would prefer to work on a larger or more complex design such as the tote bag with integral handle, or a design of your own, in order to complete your project I would recommend doing it over two days. If you are interested but have any doubts about timings or coping i.e. arthritis in hands/arms or trouble standing for any length of time please contact me to discuss.

MUSHROOM PINCUSHION – These Needle Felted mushrooms are fun to make and the workshop is suitable for all abilities. They can be simply decorative or, for the more practical among us, they make a novel pincushion! If you can bear to part with it they are ideal as a gift for a friend who sews.