Workshop in Heighington…..

Today I joined a small group of ladies for a wet felting workshop in the Thomas Garrett Rooms in Heighington near Lincoln.  The ladies meet once a month for felting and they were all keen to learn how to make Merino collars.  The group all had specific ideas of how they wanted their collar to look and everyone was thrilled with how their work turned out.

It was a lovely day and thanks go out to Joan and Janet for inviting me over.  I shall look forward to seeing some of you for felting in Belchford on the second Wednesday in December.


Merino & Silk Hat…..

This is a hat I made last weekend in Ipswich where I attended a wonderful wet felting workshop with international feltmaker Annemie Koenen.  Annemie had come over to the UK from her home in the Netherlands to deliver a three-day workshop for Region 7 of the IFA and I wasn’t going to miss it as it’s always a real pleasure to work with her.

The wool I used was a beautiful Merino and silk blend which Annemie dyes in her studio.  This is only my third hat and it’s been fascinating making them as each one has involved a different technique, learnt from different tutors.  This design is by far the most flamboyant and I’m looking forward to showing it at the Big Textile Show at the end of the month.


Flower Meadow…..

I had a great time yesterday with the Waltham Textile Group ladies who meet once a month at Waltham, on the outskirts of Grimsby.  It’s a lovely friendly group and workshops here are always a pleasure to do.  I was invited over this time to run a wet felting workshop with the aim of producing a flower meadow type picture.  One or two of the ladies had previously done a little wet or needle felting but for the majority this would be their first experience of felting.  I had intended that we work small and simple to get the pieces almost, if not completely, finished before we went home………no chance!!  These ladies know what they want to do and they are all very experienced when it comes to sewing so they decided to concentrate on the felting and the majority of the sewing will get finished at home.

By the end of the session there was some wonderful felt created, I am hoping to get back over to their November meeting when I can photograph the finished work and post an update.  In the meantime here are photos from the workshop…..

Waltham Textile Group

Aileen & Anita chose to do a Flower Meadow

Carole based her design on a section of her garden

Kate’s design was inspired by her garden

Margaret went completely “off piste” and created a sea scape

Anita adding hand stitching to her meadow

Jacky adding free machine stitching to her design inspired by the work of Moy Mackay

Aileen adds detail with machine stitching

Brenda chose to make several pieces of flat felt to cut and stitch at a later date

Final show and tell…..lots more stitching to be done so I will post an update next month

Thanks go to Jacky for inviting me over and I look forward to seeing you all again very soon.

Nuno Landscape…..

Nuno Landscape

At the weekend I was a having a clear out and came across some little Nuno samples I made a couple of years ago at Artvango.  I decided they were too good to put back in the drawer so I’m making some small pieces of art with them, this is the first Nuno Landscape.  It was felted with Merino, two of the fabrics are Viscose and the third (central section) was cut from an old wool scarf.  The stitching has been done using Perle and a variegated thread I dyed while I was up in Ullapool.  I just need to find a suitable frame now.


Yesterday I went into Lincoln to see the Re-Action exhibition by Feltmaker Moira West being held in the Gallery at St Martins in Hungate.  This little gallery hosts a regularly changing programme of art exhibitions from emerging and established artists and I was keen to visit on the Saturday as Moira was going to be there in person.  It’s great to have the opportunity to view creative work of any kind when the artist is in residence to talk about how it came about and answer any questions you might have.  Moira said she “was delighted to be invited by gallery manager and artist Phil Bowman to produce my fibre art for another solo exhibition. This body of work will stretch me artistically, whilst also allowing a continuing interpretation of human strength and weakness – a recurrent theme of my work.”

It was refreshing to enter a gallery and be encouraged, rather than discouraged, to touch all of the work on display.  Moira believes that “art should create a sense of involvement for viewers, and prompt interaction between them and the work itself.”

Thought provoking work based around the subject of consumerism………

Her latest exhibition work relates to consumer excess, trade, and worship of the individual. This body of work is shown alongside some of her more important pieces from previous exhibitions.

“Freedom”, “Choice” and “Order”……. fabric, silk and wool.

“Hallelujah”….metallic threads and wool / “It’s What Shapes Us”…..jute, yak and wool

Moira’s work cried out to be handled as it is wonderfully textured and tactile.  My favourite piece is the tall grey vessel entitled “Hallelujah – Leonard Cohen” from a collection inspired by singer song writers.  The piece below is a detail from “Purple Rain” which combines steel mesh with British wool.

Detail of “Purple Rain”…..British wool, steel mesh, silver and linen warp thread.


It was lovely to meet the artist and see her work, if you get the chance the exhibition runs until 16th September.


Autumnal Nuno Collar…..

I was pleased with the shape and size of the grey merino collar I made recently so thought I would stick with those proportions to make an Autumnal Nuno Collar using the “tile” technique.

Colour scheme based on a Charity shop silk scarf.

A shop bought yellow/orange/purple silk scarf formed the basis of my colour scheme.  Using a set of Colorhue silk dyes I mixed a yellow and purple to use on Uzbek silk to tone in with the patterned scarf.  The colours were incredibly vibrant and brighter than intended but the  “Dune” Superfine Merino from World of Wool has knocked it right back and it looks very subtle in the finished scarf.

Uzbek silk painted with Colorhue silk paints

All together there were tiles from four different silk fabrics, this close up shows some of the wonderful textures that have resulted from them.

Nuno felted collar, still wet but looking lovely!

Tomorrow I will post a photo of the finished collar……once it’s had time to dry out and show its true colours.