Autumn inspired…..

These scarves celebrate my favourite time of year, the Autumn. All around us the leaves are now turning beautiful shades of red, orange and gold, there’s the crunch of leaves underfoot and the earthy smell of damp soil. It’s time for wearing warm scarves and mittens and what better excuse for making some Autumn inspired pieces. I couldn’t resist adding a few falling leaves to a couple of them!

Superfine Merino with Silk
Superfine Merino with Viscose
Even grey sky’s and faded pink blooms on the hydrangea can provide some Autumn inspiration. Nuno felted Superfine Merino and silk.
To say this one is a “holey” scarf it’s actually incredibly snug and warm and it’s so lightweight you don’t know it’s there! Superfine Merino and Viscose.

9 thoughts on “Autumn inspired…..

  1. Falling leaves (your 3rd)scarf has my top vote, but all are a feast for the eyes Karen.
    Most days I pass an arboretum & the rich autumnal colours of the majestic trees I see are very much reflected in your palette.

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  2. These are amazing… I am completely taken by the “Superfine Merino with Viscose”… (third down). I love that you made “falling leaves” look so refined and elegant while remaining simple and organic/natural… not sure the right words… I see falling leaves and a beautiful scarf at the same time… inspiring… (feel like I am doing a poor job of expressing what I want to say… so I will leave it at I LOVE this collection!)

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    • Thank you so much for those kind words, the third one down is my favourite too. The layout was a variation on the template used for the second scarf but this time I wanted to create the look of windswept leaves and was so happy with how it turned out.

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  3. Your autumnal collection is beautiful. Every piece is a delight but the eye lingers on the hydrangea inspired scarf – what a combination of colour and texture!

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