Abstract Wall Hanging…..

Inspired by rock pools this Wet felted Abstract Wall Hanging, made from natural shades of Bergschaf fibres punctuated with orange, is very textural and tactile. It’s a mixed media piece combining pebbles, shells and paper with free motion stitching and hand stitched colonial knots. Size approx 54cm diameter x 10cm deep.

Wet Felted Abstract Wall Hanging
Close up detail of 3 dimensional abstract wall hanging
Abstract Wall Hanging detail

I will been exhibiting this piece with textile group Jeudis at the Creative Craft Show in Manchester from January 31st to the 2nd February.

13 thoughts on “Abstract Wall Hanging…..

  1. Karen – this piece of art work is totally stunning….the colour use and the variety of structures so pleasingly assembled, and all the beautiful stitching too. It must have taken an age to create.
    Good luck with the exhibition and enjoy all the compliments.

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    • Glad to you like it. I was torn between this and another piece for the exhibition but with the response so far I think I made the right decision! I couldn’t say how long it took as it was worked on in short bursts over a few months Antjentje.


    • Thanks Alex. I’ve just been thinking I haven’t seen your blog (or anyone else’s for that matter) for some time…..having checked my settings I realise why as email notifications had been switched off somehow! Sorted now.


  2. Wow! That’s quite a size isn’t it? The photo probably doesn’t do it justice. It’s a very interesting and attractive wall hanging and we hope you get the oohs and aahs you deserve at the show.

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