Will PVA stiffen felt…..

I’ve just made an experimental piece as I wanted to answer a friend’s question which was “will PVA stiffen felt”?  I created a very quick wet felted bowl using a single layer of grey Norwegian wool which was lightly felted and then soaked in a 50/50 solution of PVA and water.  It was placed over an upturned glass bowl until it dried out.  It isn’t rock hard but certainly stiff enough to give it some body.  I can’t say that I particularly like it as a finished piece, so it will probably get washed out and recycled, but the PVA did its job so my friend got their answer and I’ve learnt something for future use.

Wet felted Norwegian wool bowl


10 thoughts on “Will PVA stiffen felt…..

  1. Its a beautiful piece Karen. I have used PVA in the past and found it yellows over time. Also recently found out that if the item gets wet it can go tacky. I need to do a piece that will live in a tree outside – I’m thinking of using acrylic medium as I believe (I shall see) that this will not reabsorb water once fully dry.


  2. I like it. It looks delicate, yet strong. I wonder if the PVA will wash out. I tried an acrylic medium on a silk paper bowl which I didn’t like, but even after soaking for days and washing I couldn’t get it out. Let us know if you do decide to wash it out what happens. Thanks for sharing.


  3. Something to file away for future use. I wonder if the felt was slightly thicker would it work but then you wouldn’t get the same effect.


    • What I love about the Norwegian wool is the lace effect you can get when using it in thin layers, I think your right Sheila, it wouldn’t look quite the same if it were thicker.


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