Wet Felting Using Resists……

I’ve just completed two pieces of work in response to the first quarter challenge from the Felt and Fibre Studio.  The challenge was to make a felted piece using resists in a way you wouldn’t normally use them.  If you check out the F&F site here you will see some amazing work which has been made with “book” resists and my first reaction was to have a go at one of those.  It then occurred to me that maybe I should go back to basics first and have a play at making craters and holes before getting too adventurous!

This was the first one I did, a flat wall hanging with machine and hand embroidered surface design.  The craters are filled with red satin fabric and hand embroidered knots.

Red spot resist piece


The second piece is a pod, very similar to the one I made with Jenny Pepper at the advanced pod workshop up in Hutton Buscle.



I am on a mission now to try to create an octopus using the book resist technique……….

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