Mixed Media Necklace…..

This week I came across a fabulous Mixed Media Necklace tutorial by Australian feltmaker Wendy Bailye in Felt magazine.

I love “statement” jewellery so couldn’t resist having a go at this project.  I’ve used a combination of Merino and Bergschaf fibres with found items, perle thread and black annealed wire.

This one is an Autumn themed choker necklace combining one of my Lutradur leaves with Merino fibres…..

13 thoughts on “Mixed Media Necklace…..

    • I love combining different materials and textures so making jewellery is providing the perfect opportunity! I’m travelling up to Scotland next week to attend a two day jewellery masterclass with Ricarda Assmann which I’m sooo excited about!


  1. Lovely pieces Karen. I like the subtle radial stitching (by machine?) and happy colours, great use of your leaves and good ‘upcycling’.
    We crafty folk can often see the beauty in found objects….the difficulty comes in storing (so that we can later find them) our endless treasures until just the right opportunity strikes to realise their potential. I have a very saintly husband.

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    • Yes, the radial stitching was machined Antje. I guess I take up far more space than I ought to with my “treasures” but they will all get used at some point (won’t they?). At least that’s what I tell my long suffering partner!


  2. Those are both gorgeous! I love the selection of found objects – particularly the watch key and the way you have made a feature out of stitching on the central bead and that delicate maple leaf is fabulous!

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    • Thanks Alex, I don’t remember where the key came from but it was just the right shape and size for that space. I like wrapping beads with thread to add another texture and dimension to them. The central piece of metal came off a broken belt I think.


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