Wet Felting at Withern…..

I’ve discovered an unexpected benefit of running local workshops……I’m discovering villages in Lincolnshire that I didn’t know existed!  Today I was at Withern Village Hall, deep in the Lincolnshire Wolds for the first time ever, with seven ladies from the local textile and art groups.

The workshop was to be an introduction to Felting so we began by laying out our Merino fibres and fancy yarns and then wet felting our backgrounds.

After lunch we did some needle felting, adding detail to the work, and then the ladies chose to either machine or hand embroider to further embellish their pictures.  I love the tiny bees on Kay’s picture!

There is still a little work left to do before all of the pieces are finished but I’m sure you will agree they are all looking great!  Thanks for inviting me to Withern, and for being such an enthusiastic group!  It was a very enjoyable day and I hope to see some of you again soon.

14 thoughts on “Wet Felting at Withern…..

    • If you are in the UK and want to know what groups are in your area Kathy I may be able to put you in touch with someone local. Just use the contact form on here to drop me a line if your interested.


  1. I re-read it to check it was just Merino you all used. So strange that every piece has taken on this pattern, perhaps if it was just one or two, a harder pressure ‘may’ be the answer. I felt quite paranoid laying out a new picture this morning ha ha ! but all was normal.


    • Well now I’m back to being baffled Tracey…..If it isn’t the lack of cushioning what could it be? It’s never happened in any of my work but I have seen it on the odd occasion in other people’s.


  2. Nice that you’re finding new places to teach. Looks like everyone had a wonderful time. Are you using some type of background to felt on? All of the backgrounds look like they have almost a beehive texture?


    • In order to speed up the Felting process the ladies used a Merino needled prefelt as their base layer. I have used this previously and so I know it wasn’t that which gave the textured background. I suspect it was the fact that the bubble wrap was laid directly onto the table without a towel to cushion it……I have a friend who say they always get an impression of the bubbles when they felt and I’ve never been able to work out why….until now.


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