Wet Felted Wall Hanging…..

A quick post to show how Alison and Yvonne have got on with making their beautiful versions of my Yellow Poppies wet felted wall hanging today.


Alison was quite at home with the free machine stitching while for Yvonne it was her first attempt and she admitted that she had got on far better than she thought she would.  Just the mention of free machining sends some folk into a state of panic but with a few basic pointers I find most people overcome the dread and start to enjoy it.


Both pieces are looking lovely but there is still some work to be done so I will post an update once the ladies have finished their pieces.

16 thoughts on “Wet Felted Wall Hanging…..

  1. Looking lovely so far ! I love doing FME on the whole, it brings the piece to life. Metallic threads always seem to put up a fight however with me. Looking forward to seeing them completed.


    • I love it too! I had problems with metallic threads but someone recommended I try various different brands until I hit on one that my machine can cope with. Fortunately it wasn’t long before I discovered mine is fine with Madeira.

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  2. Nice job ladies. I look forward to seeing the finished pieces. I’m one of those people who panic st FME even though I’ve been sewing my whole life. But I get through it and am usually happy with the results. It’s getting started that’s hard for me.

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