Sculptural Green Merino Scarf…..

Green Merino scarf

This sculptural green Merino scarf was Commissioned by a lovely lady I met last October at The Big Textile Show.  Kate bought one of my green wet felted clutch bags and decided she would like a scarf/collar to go with it…..I can’t wait to see how it looks on her!

Detail of green Merino scarf

12 thoughts on “Sculptural Green Merino Scarf…..

    • Thank you. That isn’t the actual bag as the lady had already bought that before commissioning the scarf. I wanted a bag to photograph with it and thought this would team up nicely.


    • Thanks Ruth….it was actually a clutch bag that Kate bought but I didn’t have it for the photo so used this one of mine…….it does go well with it so might have to make myself a green scarf next!


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