Child’s Elf Hat…..

A few months ago I came across a tutorial on making a Child’s Elf Hat.  It was written in Russian but the photographs were self-explanatory and I’ve had it in mind to make one ever since seeing it, and here it is.  If ever I get inspired by someone else’s work I will always credit them with a mention but unfortunately, at the time, I didn’t make a note of this persons website and I haven’t been able to find it since!  If you happen to know where I might have seen this please let me know so I can add a credit.

In the tutorial the hat was made in a solid colour using a yellow or orange Merino.  I wanted a mottled effect so decided to make the hat in white and colour it afterwards.

Normally you would colour wool using acid dyes but for this hat I experimented with a combination of Inktense and acrylic paint, both of which are colourfast once they have dried.  I found that when the acrylic paint is sufficiently watered down it will not clog the wool and it retains its soft handle.  The only area where I painted it on thickly was at the base of the top “tail”…..I wanted this to be stiffened and the paint certainly did the trick!  The Inktense didn’t seem to affect the handle of the wool at all.

The two leaves and stalk were made from green Merino and copper coloured Tussah silk and stitched in place.  I’ve started adding Colonial knots……I love Colonial knots so there could be a lot more of these added before I consider the hat finished!


14 thoughts on “Child’s Elf Hat…..

  1. Hi,
    I was also thinking of Lalabug too, lover her hats. I have been curious for awhile know about how to make a design by ink or pencil without it smudging and looking awful. Yours look great! Guess, I will have to give a try for inks and acrylic paints…I was a little worried myself of it looking clogged. So, have no fear, as they say…lol, just go with it!

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    • Go for it Kathryn! As long as you use your acrylic well watered down you should be ok, I also made the felt wet before applying the paint. Rena (Lalabug) makes fabulous elf hats but it was definitely a Russian site where I found the tutorial……I will probably come across it again one day when I’m not actually looking for it! Good luck with the painting.


  2. Great idea Karen and it would fit right in with our first quarter challenge. You should post it on the forum 🙂

    I think I will have to try inktense, I have tried paint but not the inktense. And the watering down of the paint certainly makes a big difference.

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  3. Great hat. I particularly like the leaves. I have a notion in my head to make myself a ‘woodland’ bag one day with leaves/ acorns stitched on the outside, but other stuff seems to get in the way!


    • I know what you mean Tracey, I started a woodland themed bag months ago and just add bits as and when…’s the same with this hat, I will add more stitching every now and then so it will be work in progress for a while yet!

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    • I bet she would love it if you made her one! I decided to experiment with the paints as I didn’t have an old steamer or microwave to use to heat set my acid dyes and didn’t want to use any regular items in my kitchen. The paints are non toxic and don’t need to be heat set so it was a “win-win”!


    • Yes, I was really happy with how the colouring worked out. The mottled effect was created by lightly brushing the acrylic paint onto the wool and then overpainting with a lighter shade of Inktense….first time I’ve tried this but it won’t be the last!


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