Sculptural Collar…..

This is the finished blue and pink Merino sculptural collar which I started last week at Felt Inspired in Belchford.

Wet felted Sculptural Collar made from Merino wool.

Wet felted Sculptural Collar made from Merino wool.

I used a press stud fastener to hold it in place and added a wet felted floral detail including three leaves, two cords and a ‘rainbow bead‘.  I learnt the rainbow bead technique from the wonderful Dutch felt artist Annemie Koenen.  They take a crazy amount of effort to make but are so beautiful it’s well worth it!

Side view of Sculpted Collar

6 thoughts on “Sculptural Collar…..

  1. It’s gorgeous, Karen 🙂
    We made scarf ‘samples’ at the well being group this week, for everyone to try out fine wool, and because we don’t have space for full scarves. I might show them your blog and see if they want to try something a bit adventurous!


    • That would be great Zed! I will look forward to seeing what they come up with. I’ve been sketching a few more very simple designs for collars so hope to have another to show you soon. Good luck with your group.


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