Merino Necklace and Cuff…..

Back in May, inspired by the work of Lisa Klakulak, I designed and made a Merino necklace and cuff.

Necklace and cuff set made from grey Merino

My first Merino necklace and cuff

Last week I was spotted wearing them and commissioned by a lovely lady called Katie to make a similar set as a birthday gift.  Katie called by to collect the jewellery today and I’m pleased to say that she was absolutely thrilled with it!  I hope the recipient will be equally happy and will enjoy wearing it as much as I enjoyed making it.

Necklace and Cuff set made from grey Merino

Commissioned Merino Necklace and Cuff

9 thoughts on “Merino Necklace and Cuff…..

      • That’s a shame. Perhaps she’ll come back. Whenever, she’s here in the US it seems I’m traveling. I’d feel the same way if she came to Illinois. You did a terrific job on the necklace and cuff. I’m sure Lisa would be proudthat she so inspired you.


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