Wet felted seed pod….

I’ve been experimenting with the book resist method today,  using Merino wool tops to wet felt a seed pod.



3D Seed pod, wet felted using Merino wool tops
Merino wool tops wet felted seed pod.




    1. Thanks Ruth. Reading Teri’s book resist tutorial on the feltingandfibrestudio was inspirational! Its kept its shape well but I was wondering about using Shellac to stiffen a piece like this. I’ve seen several Feltmakers mention it, is it something you’ve used before?


      1. I haven’t used shellac before but I know we talked about this on the forum several times. If you go to the forum, just search on stiffening felt or even shellac. Hope that helps.


  1. I love it! I’ve been experimenting, too. I really like your use of dual colors to accentuate the ribbing.


    1. Thanks Marilyn. I figured the ribs needed to be thicker than the main body so added strips of prefelt. It’s worked out chunkier than intended but it’s a lesson learnt! I will look forward to seeing your experiments.


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