Wet Felted Jewellery…..

A couple of days ago I discovered a wonderful American felt artist by the name of Lisa Klakulak.  Her work is incredible and you can see her website here.  After seeing her wonderful wet felted jewellery I was inspired to have a go at making something for myself.  My first attempt was a bangle made from grey and yellow Merino wool tops.  I was disappointed with how it turned out, bulky and crude looking, so stripped it apart and started again.

The second time round I free machined the felt using grey and copper coloured metallic thread and replaced the yellow felt ball with a silver metal button.  I used the second strip of grey/lemon felt, again with the metallic stitching and metal button, to make a matching asymmetrical necklace.  This time I’m happy with the result!

Jewellery created from wet felted Merino wool tops

Wet felted Merino jewellery

6 thoughts on “Wet Felted Jewellery…..

  1. Great job, glad you persevered and got the result you wanted. Lisa is an expert at adding stitching to felt and using it not only for design but also to improve the structure.


  2. Beautiful Karen! Lisa’s work is amazing, I’m glad you were able to hang in there to get the result you wanted!


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