Wet felted vessel….

Yesterday I decided to make another vessel, along the lines of my yellow and grey one, but this time I wanted a simpler, more rounded finish.

I started by making several strips of green Merino, wet felted (very lightly) onto organza.

By laying a sheet of Lutradur over a piece of Vilene and applying paint, the paint soaked through and gave me two options to use as the body of the vessel.

I chose to work with the Vilene and attached the felt and organza by machine before using a soldering iron to make cutouts.

This is the finished vessel.

10 thoughts on “Wet felted vessel….

  1. You gave a tutorial on this lovely 3d felted vessel, multimedia with sewing machine, etc. I see the comment on how you stitched it together in back, but did this have bottom? if so how did you put that in. Or did it simply fit over a vase? Appreciate your talent and feed back. Would love to work with you as my teacher

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    • I didn’t bother with a bottom when I made this one Margaret. In fact after displaying it on the coffee table for several months I then removed the stitching from the back and made it into a wall piece!


    • Lutradur is a really versatile man made material that can be painted, stitched, cut with a soldering iron and distressed with a heat gun. It is available in various weights from ultra fine to thick and sturdy. You will find several suppliers online but if you just want a sample to play with try the Spunart website. Have fun!


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