Wet felted bowl

OK so I had a go at making the wet felted bowl this afternoon…..not an absolute disaster but it could have worked out better!  I used Merino wool from Adelaide Walkers ‘Brights’ collection laid onto a flat circular resist.  All seemed to be going well until it came to taking the resist out.  What started out as a small hole in the top of the bowl got stretched and became a huge gaping hole!  I think my problem lay in not making the bowl thick or sturdy enough to withstand having the disc pulled out through the small opening.  If only I had made this a bit bigger it would have come in useful turned upside down and worn as a funcky ‘dog-walking’ hat!

5 thoughts on “Wet felted bowl

  1. It’s a great bowl. The hole always gets larger after cutting (no matter the thickness of the wool) as the wool fulls down and shrinks. You should start with a much smaller hole than you need. But you learned something and that’s the fun part of felting, experimenting and learning along the way.


    • Hi Ruth. Many thanks for taking the time to comment. My hole did start off very small but it stretched no end as I pulled the resist out and, after reading your comment, I have just realised why that was. I think my mistake was in using a stiff acetate as the resisist when I should have used something more flexible such as bubble wrap! Obviously the bubble wrap would have come out far easier! I am looking forward to having another go at the weekend. Thanks again, Karen


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