Forest Floor…..

I recently had the pleasure of running two consecutive one-day workshops for members of the Snape Textile Group up in the beautiful village of Bedale, North Yorkshire.

The group had booked my Forest Floor workshop which covers lots of different techniques for working with heat manipulative materials and creating the kind of stuff you find littering the forest floor such as leaves, twigs, bark and seed pods. With 30 ladies interested it was decided to split this fast paced class into two days to ensure all of them had the best learning experience and no one got left behind!

Real bark v fake bark

After each demonstration the students set to painting, stitching, wrapping and distressing (using heat guns and soldering irons) their Tyvek and Lutradur to create the various elements.

This is a sample based workshop and students are not necessarily expected to produce a finished piece of work by the end of it when it’s booked as a one day class. We do discuss how to pull everything together and create a suitable background but this is something that can be done afterwards at your own pace. If a group particularly want to see it through to the end it can either be booked as a two day class or we simply limit the amount of leaves made on the day to get a finished piece done. Yes, it’s those leaves that tend to hook folk in and then the time just disappears!

It was a full on weekend with the ladies producing an array of wonderful work and, hopefully, having a lot of fun in the process. This was the first time some had used a heat gun or a soldering iron but going by the response it won’t be the last!

Thanks to all for your enthusiasm, hard work and good company and a special thanks to Sarah Lowe for hosting me for the weekend. I’m looking forward to working with you all again at some point in the future.

8 thoughts on “Forest Floor…..

  1. It was worth the 15 month wait Karen.
    Your samples were numerous – a real forest floor – and the techniques, expertly demonstrated, allowed everyone to undertake a few samples.

    I think there will be more items made, I know I went home and created more leaves the following day.

    It was lovely to attach a ‘body’ to you. If only you lived nearer, I think a few empty bottles might result! Xx

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    • After corresponding online for so long it was great to finally get to meet you too Antje!
      So glad you enjoyed the day and looking forward to seeing the follow up pieces you’ve made.


    • Yes, it was a lovely hall to work in Lyn. I only wish I had the chance to see more of Bedale but I arrived in the dark Friday night, by the time we left each day it was dark again, and then drove home in the dark on Sunday! Next time Im hoping to visit in the Summer because its a beautiful area.
      They did some wonderful work, I’m looking forward to receiving photos of more finished (painted) leaves.

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