Painted Mulberry Bark…..

I had intended to make some Tyvek bark today but decided to do painted Mulberry bark instead.  The Tyvek will have wait until later.  The first piece is lined with paper and left to dry so that it’s “rounded”.

Painted Mulberry bark

This is what will be used as the base for my Winter sample when I get around to pulling it all together.

Winter themed bark and leaves

Finally a layered piece with Tyvek lichen…..

Layered Mulberry bark with Tyvek lichen

These will all be given Forest Floor backgrounds and have stitching added before being mounted onto board or canvas so will post updates as and when they’re finished.

12 thoughts on “Painted Mulberry Bark…..

  1. Wow, beautiful. When do you have time to create such inspiring pieces.
    For years I’ve had some mulberry bark sitting in the cupboard….this could be it’s point of emergence!
    Have you tried painted puff paint to create textural bark effects?

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    • I haven’t used puff paint yet but got Xpandaprint so can give that a try, thanks for the tip Antje. A friend recently gave me this Mulberry bark as she’d bought it and didn’t know what to do with it either. I’ve ordered more now as it creates wonderful texture and lends its self to “nature” inspired designs. Soak it before using as you can then tease out the fibres and it will go a long way……have fun!


      • I’ve used Kozo to make paper, never connected it to mulberry. Thanks for the link. Her work is wonderful.


  2. All wonderful Karen! I’ve used mulberry paper but have never heard of bark. It is stunning. I can’t wait to see the finished pieces.

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