Spalding Embroiderers Tyvek Leaves…..

Yesterday I spent a very enjoyable day in the company of a lovely group of ladies, the Spalding Embroiderers, who meet at Pode Hole Village Hall in the Lincolnshire Fens.  The group had booked me to do a workshop for them, giving me free reign to decide what we would be doing.


I wanted to offer them something completely different and something I was pretty sure they wouldn’t have done before.  I settled on putting together a workshop to make my Tyvek Leaves.  Tyvek is a wonderful product to work with as it has so many possibilities when it comes to colouring, shaping and distressing.

My blue/green handmade leaf stitched with metallic thread and embellished with tiny coloured beads.

Tyvek leaf with metallic thread and beading.

It felt a bit of a risk as it would involve so many different stages and I wasn’t sure how the group would take to shaping wire frames using pliers.  I needn’t have worried, their enthusiasm and positivity was terrific and the hall was filled with conversation and laughter all through the day!  In fact, putting together this workshop has reminded me of how much fun I had designing my first leaves and it’s been great to get back to making more of them.





The leaves worked out beautifully.  As you can see, everyone got their leaf to the stage of it having been distressed with the heat gun but unfortunately we ran out of time to get the holes embroidered so they will continue with that at home.  I hope to receive photos of some of the finished leaves as and when they get done.




A big thank you to all the Spalding Embroidery ladies for making me feel so welcome and for being such wonderful, enthusiastic students! I shall look forward to seeing you all at our next workshop.





11 thoughts on “Spalding Embroiderers Tyvek Leaves…..

  1. It looks like it was a lot of fun. I will need to try this technique. Perhaps you would consider teaching something like this on the forum. 🙂


  2. Hi Karen,

    I wish I could have been there as those leaves are beautiful.

    Unfortunately, I’m a Brit expat living in Michigan, USA so don’t belong to that group you taught.

    Can you tell me what kind of dye or paint was used to color the Tyvek, and was a soldering iron used to distress them?

    Your sincerely, Annette Castillo

    Sent from my iPhone



    • Hi Annette. The ladies used various different colouring mediums including felt pens, water colour crayons, Inktense and acrylics….anything goes! You can use a soldering iron on Tyvek but we distressed using a heat gun as this will tighten the fabric aroubd the wire frame at the same time as causing the holes.


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