Felted brooch…..

Floral brooch made with Merino wool and silk organza

Wet felted brooch

I’ve just got back from attending two “play days” with the IFA Region 8 ladies at Arnesby Village Hall.   There were mini workshops happening on both days and, having seen the lovely felted brooch that Sandra Jenkins was making, I decided to join in with that one.

Preparing the individual components

Making a circular background from Merino and painting silk organza for the flowers

These pretty little brooches are a great way of using up your left over tiny scraps of fabric and felt from previous projects.

Combining the silk and felt to make the tiny flowers

Combining the silk and felt to make the tiny flowers

Wet felted brooch with tiny felt and organza flowers

My finished brooch

On day two I began laying out Bergschaf and Merino wool to make a fish.  I didn’t make very good progress, mainly due to spending a lot of time chatting, looking at other people’s work and perusing copies of “Felt Matters” magazines.   I’m continuing with it at home but it’s taken on a new life and will be a sort of fantasy sea creature……..watch this space!

Speaking of fantasy creatures, these felted Monster Bags were made by Sylvia Winn, aren’t they great?

Monster Bags

Monster Bags

I get the impression that Sylvia is a big fan of novelty bags……this is the “fishy” bag she was working on yesterday, complete with zip closure and fishing line shoulder strap!




2 thoughts on “Felted brooch…..

  1. The Brooch is nice Karen. Like all the little spiky threads on it. The monster bags will no doubt be a big hit for Halloween. I look forward to seeing the fish!


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