Playing Catch-up…..

Once again I am back to playing catch up with projects and posts.  I’ve been feeling pretty down and lethargic over recent months, for reasons I won’t go into on here, but the year is fast coming to a close and it’s time to give myself a good shake up and get back to normal.

So the first project to feature is one I did as a result of being invited down to London to stay with my niece and her husband at the end of November.  They have recently moved house and I got a request to make a pair of Roman blinds for their new study…….what better excuse could there be for a week in London? Sophie chose a lightweight dress fabric for the blinds, which give me a little concern as I wasn’t sure how well they would hang.  It wasn’t the easiest fabric to work with but once they had been lined I needn’t have worried as they turned out fine and thankfully they are both delighted with them.

Roman blinds

The second project was this years “ugly” fabric challenge with Sitting Ducks.  Each year, just before Christmas, one of our members supplies us all with an A4 size piece of fabric (which we probably would never have chosen to use ourselves) and we have to make something with it.  After a couple of weeks of wondering what to do with my green and orange crocodiles, and knowing that I wanted to completely disguise the pattern, I finally hit on an idea and Griselda was born.  She stands 17″ tall, has a wire frame with a needle felted body and fabric wrapped legs & arms.  I added three colours of netting as “wings” to make her into an Autumnal fairy.  I had intended to make her face from fabric but realised, the night before we were due to hand in our pieces, that if I was going to get her finished in time I needed a quicker solution for her face, hence the air dry clay.


Although no-one said anything out loud, once we had all placed our work on the table it dawned on me that mine was the odd one out as Sitting Ducks is actually a “quilting” group.  Hey, ho………I had fun making her anyway!

11 thoughts on “Playing Catch-up…..

    • Wow, I have just been taking a look at your work and it’s great! Thanks for your positive feedback and for inspiring me to have a go at knitting… your knitted fob! Have a great Christmas x


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