Autumn Leaf day 4…..

This afternoon I enjoyed a walk in Peasholm Park, looking at the trees, picking up leaves and dodging the squirrels which were everywhere.  They are so tame they take peanuts straight out of your hand.


The leaf I chose for today’s offering was a huge Horse Chestnut, again created using Inktense pencils and the Pilot fine point pen.  Painting is still feeling alien to me and its taking far too long to paint/draw these leaves.  I am adding the pen to try to give them some definition but I’m not liking the result.  When I get back home I’m thinking of switching to collage or fabric as my medium…..or do I persevere with the painting?  After all, this is a challenge isn’t it?


14 thoughts on “Autumn Leaf day 4…..

  1. Karen – I think you did a really great job with this leaf! It is a very difficult subject, for one thing. And green and red together of course, make mud, so that makes it that much more difficult from a painting standpoint. The drawing does look a bit heavy – but so is the subject! So as I see it, you’ve conveyed the subject as it exists! I’m also pretty blown away that you’re going right in with the green paint without any underdrawing first. I don’t think I’d be comfortable doing that, especially with such a complex leaf. I hope you stay with it. I think you may be being much too hard on yourself. Did you wet your paper at all before going in with the green? And when you use the pencils, are you painting with a wet brush from the tip of the pencil, or are you “drawing” with the pencil into the paper and then liquifying it?

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    • I didn’t wet the paper first and it didn’t occur to me to use a wet brush from the tip of the pencil. I did start off with solid water colour paints but felt it wasn’t right so that’s when I added the red Inktense pencil. I can’t do any tomorrow as I’m at the wet felting workshop but I will have another go on Sunday and try a “wetter” technique. Thanks for your continued encouragement, it does make a difference.

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