Autumn Leaf Challenge…..

A few days ago prolific artist Laura, from Create Art Everyday, blogged about a challenge she is taking up which involves painting a leaf everyday for a month.  You can read about the challenge and where it originated here.  I liked the sound of this so I thought I would have a go…..I don’t do painting so this is a real challenge for me!  Last night saw my first attempt, fortunately I painted two leaves which I hope makes up for not having made the time to do one today!  

My idea is to use this challenge to create a “leaf” sketchbook which in turn can be used as a resource for making more Tyvek and Lutradur leaves.  I’m not convinced I can keep up with painting every day but I will do what I can and hopefully I might see an improvement in my painting by the end of the month!

9 thoughts on “Autumn Leaf Challenge…..

    • Thanks BB, your very kind. I was so pleased to discover your site through Laura, your artwork is wonderful and your challenge is certainly keeping me busy! Today’s leaf is almost finished but I’m not happy with it so must try harder tomorrow!

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      • I am happy to have discovered your site as well! So glad that you are keeping busy with the leaf challenge, it is so delightfully fun. And I totally understand how some leaves don’t come out how as we hoped… You can always go back and play on it a little more or as you said “try harder tomorrow”


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