Designing with Fractals…..

Royal Crustacean by Rose Rushbrooke.

Royal Crustacean by Rose Rushbrooke.

I recently came across this photograph of a beautiful art quilt by Rose Rushbrooke which has been based on a “fractal” design. Not knowing what that meant I googled it and discovered a whole new world of amazing images created using “Fractal” apps. I won’t attempt to explain the mathematics behind this process, there are lots of websites that explain it better than I ever could, but I did download a free app and after a few minutes of playing with it I came up with the following designs. The app I used is Fractile Plus, it’s simple to use and quite addictive. I don’t know if I will get around to doing anything with any of these but it they were fun to create and have the potential for inspiring future textile designs.


My first attempt with the Fractile Plus App.






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