Riverside Trees…..

Riverbank Trees Quilt

I’ve finished sewing the smaller branches and twigs onto my David Hockney inspired quilt and have been giving some thought to the reflections on the water.  The simplest way would be to create a mirror image of the riverbank, but my original photograph didn’t show the trees like that.  The tree trunks were distorted by the ripples on the water, which I am finding harder to replicate.

I’ve tried roughly sketching a few wiggly tree trunks onto paper and layering them with organza and netting.  The intention is to draw directly onto the top fabric and cover this with strips of sheers. If it’s a failure, which I half expect it to be, it won’t matter as I’ve left the wadding and backing loose at the bottom in case I need to patch it in with a second attempt.

Riverside Trees

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