Riverside Trees update….

Quilt with trees added

The trees are  now painted and ironed in place on the riverside.  As I thought, there was too much of the darker blue in the sky so some of it has been removed.  There are lots of smaller branches/twigs to embroider and I still have to figure out how to create the water and reflections but that can all wait till next week.



7 thoughts on “Riverside Trees update….

  1. The Hockney self portrait is so good … Amazing how effectively those lines of stitching change the newsprint background into newspaper columns. Looking forward to seeing more of how other projects develop.


  2. Good to see you back Karen. For ages checked your blog daily but no updates! Look forward to seeing how the tree quilt works out, looking good so far. How is the Hockney self portrait? My husband was so taken with it that it got more than his usual “very nice …”


    • Hi Maggy, nice to hear from you. With all that was going on with Mum and Christmas, etc I got out of the habit of blogging for a while, it’s great to be back at it! The tree’s are coming on, I embroidered the branches yesterday and now need to think about how to do the water and reflections. The Hockney self portrait has been finished, so that’s something else I must put on here. Are you following the Lincolnshire Quilters with their David Hockney Challenge? It’s at http://www.linqsblog.wordpress.com -take a look if you haven’t already.


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