Tyvek Seed Pod…..

I developed a ganglion on my right hand as a result of making the bird mask last week.  It’s giving me some gip so I’m resting the hand for a while and doing a few pieces that don’t require a strong grip.  Yesterday it was a Tyvek Seed Pod incorporating sari silks and acrylic paint…..

Today I made a start on a mixed Media piece with the theme “Abstraction” which was set by the textile group  Jeudis which I became a member of a couple of months ago.   I’m combining free motion stitch with painted Lutradur and wet Felted Merino, for now it’s work in progress…..



The Final Show and Tell…..

My first stint at tutoring a residential weekend came to a close this afternoon with the final show and tell at Cober Hill.  It’s been a terrific three days spent with the 18 creative ladies from the East Yorkshire Embroidery group.  They don’t shy away from putting in the hours and the effort to learn a new skill but at the same time they certainly know how to enjoy themselves!  We’ve had lots of chat, lots of laughs and the ladies have produced lots of wonderful work.  It’s worth remembering that for many this was their first attempt at feltmaking……..

A huge thank you to Maggie and Carol for giving me this opportunity and I hope to work with you all again sometime in the future.

Wet Felted Fish…..

Last week I did a one-one Workshop for Alison who wanted to learn how to make a wet felted fish.  This wasn’t to be any old fish, Alison made it quite clear that she was on a mission to create a Wrasse as part of a local community project.  I’d never heard of a Wrasse so immediately turned to Google to see what it was we were aiming for.  I discovered that there are over six hundred species of this fish with two being native to the British Isles, the Ballan Wrasse and it’s more colourful cousin, the Cuckoo Wrasse.


We decided to work with a combination of Bergschaf and Merino fibres.  This was the first time Alison has Felted around a resist but she took to it like a fish to water (I had to get that in somewhere!)


This is how he looked once Alison had got him home and dried out, prior to embellishing…..


…..and this is the finished Wrasse complete with hand embroidery and an impressive set of dentures!  Isn’t he handsome!  Well done Alison, can’t wait to see what you make next!


Textural Necklace…..


This is my latest “Ullapool/Ardmair” inspired piece.  I wanted this textural necklace to capture the atmospheric beauty of the monochromatic grey days and the grey pebble beaches, punctuated by the yellow/green of the seaweed and the lichen on the rocks.

The necklace is made from grey, taupe and white Merino with just a hint of yellow added.  It was embellished with Colonial knots made using Madeira metallic threads.




Concertina Hat Workshop…..

Back in the Summer I read a post on the Felting & Fibre Studio about a concertina hat workshop being run by Teri Berry.  It sounded really interesting but at that time I couldn’t commit due to holidays and other workshops.  Fortunately Teri’s first workshop was such a huge success that it is being run again this month.   As a result I’ve just finished my first wet felted Merino concertina hat and I’m really happy with how it turned out.  I’m now looking forward to trying out the next design which is Teri’s wacky but wonderful “Snail Hat”…….watch this space!

Side view blue/green hat

Ladies wet felted blue/green hat


Too rear view of blue/green hat


Sculptural Collar…..

This is the finished blue and pink Merino sculptural collar which I started last week at Felt Inspired in Belchford.

Wet felted Sculptural Collar made from Merino wool.

Wet felted Sculptural Collar made from Merino wool.

I used a press stud fastener to hold it in place and added a wet felted floral detail including three leaves, two cords and a ‘rainbow bead‘.  I learnt the rainbow bead technique from the wonderful Dutch felt artist Annemie Koenen.  They take a crazy amount of effort to make but are so beautiful it’s well worth it!

Side view of Sculpted Collar

Where does the time go…..

I can’t believe it’s been a month since we started the felting group in Belchford.  Where does the time go…..

Once again we had eight ladies gathered for a felting session.  Val and Karen couldn’t make it this month but we welcomed two new faces, Ann and Sheila.   Sheila brought her current project to work on which is a very handsome needle felted owl…..

Sheila and her owl.

Sheila and her owl.


Adding feather detail on the back.

Ann began working on a needle felted landscape and I’m loving the colour scheme…..


Rosie was busy with her beautiful new wool making more vegetables (we’re starting to suspect an obsession here!)…..


Looking good enough to eat!

Looking good enough to eat!

Olga was working on her sketchbook ideas for new projects…..


Olga working on ideas in her sketchbook.

Pat was busy with embellisher…..

Pat busy on the embellisher

Pat busy on the embellisher

Janet made a wet felted bowl and then did some more work on the lovely picture she started last session….


I started another Merino collar which will get finished at home…

Fibres laid out ready for felting.

Fibres laid out ready for felting.

All in all another enjoyable day in Belchford.




Wet Felted Fairy Shoes…..

Two of my boxed sets of wet felted fairy shoes have recently gone to new homes so this weekend I set to and made some more.  These shoes were demonstrated by Robyn Smith at one of the first felting workshops I attended back in 2014.  Trimmed with beads and mounted in a box frame they make a lovely gift for a little girls bedroom…….or maybe even for big girl’s like me who still believe in fairies!

Fairy boots made from red Merino wool tops, embellished with beads

Red Merino Fairy Shoes

Fairy Boots made with blue Merino wool tops embellished with tiny beads

Blue Merino Fairy Shoes

Fairy Boots made from green Merino wool tops and embellished with tiny enamelled flowers

Green Merino Fairy Shoes


Merino Necklace and Cuff…..

Back in May, inspired by the work of Lisa Klakulak, I designed and made a Merino necklace and cuff.

Necklace and cuff set made from grey Merino

My first Merino necklace and cuff

Last week I was spotted wearing them and commissioned by a lovely lady called Katie to make a similar set as a birthday gift.  Katie called by to collect the jewellery today and I’m pleased to say that she was absolutely thrilled with it!  I hope the recipient will be equally happy and will enjoy wearing it as much as I enjoyed making it.

Necklace and Cuff set made from grey Merino

Commissioned Merino Necklace and Cuff