Needle Felted Animals…..

Since I began running workshops I’ve frequently been asked if I do classes for making needle felted animals. Up until now my answer has always been “no, but I can point you in the direction of someone who does”. It’s not that I don’t like needle felting, or animals, it’s just something I have never done and never particularly fancied doing…..up until now!

When I received a request for animal needle felting just before Christmas I decided the time had come to include it in my workshop programme. These are my first needle felted animal workshop samples and I have to admit I thoroughly enjoyed making them and feel I’ve really been bitten by the bug!

They were made using wire armatures, wrapped with core wool, and then “cladded” with blended and carded fibres. I can feel a few more hatching so watch this space!

14 thoughts on “Needle Felted Animals…..

  1. I think you did a great job on these, especially as they were your first. I started with needle felting in March last year and quickly moved on to wet felting. My favorite things to needlefelt are gnomes, but not your usual ones. I am on a scarf and neck warmer kick at the moment. It is good to change things up every now and then and that is the beauty of working with wool.

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  2. Harriet & Suzy are delightful. From what you are saying they will no doubt be joined very soon by some other happy creatures….looking forward to seeing them.
    They will certainly attract many admirers for your new workshop.

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  3. They are so adorable! And well made. You’ve really caught cute expressions on them both. Good luck with your new classes – they are sure to be popular.

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