Forest Floor Workshop…..

Last Saturday I travelled back up to one of my favourite workshop venues, the Simply Stitch studio in East Keswick.  It was for the first of a new class I’ve put together which I’m calling my Forest Floor Workshop.

12 ladies took part in the two day workshop exploring the use of heat manipulative materials including Tyvek fabric, Tyvek paper, Lutradur and polyester fabrics which we painted, stitched, cut and distressed using heat tools and soldering irons.  For the majority it would be the first time they have worked with any of these materials and tools.

Our theme for the weekend was the forest floor and it was great to see that some of the ladies, like Juliet and Julie, had been out foraging for inspiration!

The samples that were created included a variety of leaves, bark, twigs, lichen, etc…..anything you might see on a walk through the woods, and a few things you might never see too!!

Carolyn arrived with her hand heavily bandaged and the intention of just watching the others.  That idea lasted all of a few minutes and she turned out to be one of the most prolific sample makers of the group!

Janet and Jackie were looking very proud of their hessian and Lutradur “twigs” and rightly so!!

The ladies threw themselves whole heartedly into experimenting with the various materials and created some wonderful pieces of work with fabulous textures.

Once again a big thank you to Nicola for being such a great host and to all of the ladies who took part.   I’m looking forward to seeing some of you again when I return to East Keswick in June.


14 thoughts on “Forest Floor Workshop…..

  1. What a gorgeous looking workshop! Surrounded by all those crafting materials…….bliss…….the enjoyment radiating from your students speaks volumes.


    • It was wonderful how the ladies embraced the subject and the materials/tools. There are so many possibilities with this workshop I’m now planning another version culminating in a more three dimensional project.


  2. Fabulous results, but having seen the photos of your prep work they obviously had a brilliant guiding hand complete with examples.
    Like Marilyn I wish I was closer ….maybe you could suggest the leaves as a challlenge?

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    • Glad you like them Antje. I don’t actually set challenges on-line but the leaves are a wonderful project to do. I will write up instructions when I get the chance and post them on my blog and on the Felt & Fibre site and then you can have a go yourself.


    • They really did do a great job. I also learned that I can’t take it for granted that others will use the paint watered down as I do……we did have some pieces of work that took forever to distress due to the enormous amount of thick paint applied!! I know for future classes!


  3. Wow! Your ladies did a wonderful job of recreating the forest floor. Wonderful idea. I am so intrigued by the tyvek idea. I wish I were closer and not half way across the world!

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