Bedroom makeover…..

I’ve been on the lookout for months for a decent weight fabric, in a bold design, which I could use to make a bed throw with matching curtains and a headboard for our spare room.  Nothing leapt out at me so the project got put on the back burner.  Then, just before Christmas, we got a call from family in France saying they were coming over.  That was wonderful news and just the kick up the backside I needed to get the room sorted.  On my next trip to Dunelme Mill I spotted their lined Romolo ready made curtains and knew I had my fabric!  I worked out that a 90″ x 90″ pair would make a double size bedspread, pillow shams and a pair of curtains.  

I still couldn’t find the right fabric to make a headboard so ended up buying a heavy weight cream cotton with lots of texture and dyed it in the washing machine with Dylon “pewter grey”.   Mark cut the board out of 10mm wood.   I padded it with three layers of thick wadding before the grey fabric was stretched over, stapled in place and buttoned.  I’m really pleased with the result and it looks far more substantial than the headboards on sale in the shop where we bought the bed!

The next job is to rub down and paint the second hand furniture bought to replace the old cane bedside units…….maybe a job for next weekend.

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