Delft Quilt….


Hand embroidered Delph Quilt designed and made by Liz Hands

Delft Quilt by Liz Hands

I first saw a version of this Delft quilt a few months ago at a show in Woodhall Spa.  There were lots of quilts on display but this one really caught my eye as it was so dramatic and fresh and the hand embroidered detailing was fabulous.  I immediately fell in love with it and, after talking to its owner, I discovered that she had made it during a series of workshops run by Liz Hands at Stitchcraft in Grantham.  The next day I called Stitchcraft and booked straight onto the next “Delft Quilt” course which is being held one day a month and started this Wednesday.

Although I love the traditional blue Delft shades I chose to make my quilt using these gorgeous, fresh teals with matching embroidery threads.  For the background fabric I am using a delicate ivory patterned cotton.

First of 25 blocks

First of 25 blocks

There are ten of us on the course and it’s a very friendly bunch.  Liz has a relaxed style of teaching and is very approachable, which is great for someone like me who hasn’t made a quilt before.  This week I almost completed my first block during the class (just got to finish the 2nd leaf) and I now have the next three blocks cut out and bonded to the background fabric ready to embroider at home.   All I need now is time……..

Four quilt blocks.

The first four blocks cut out and bonded to the background fabric.


10 thoughts on “Delft Quilt….

  1. Hi,
    I am another of Liz’s students keen to complete my delft quilt and hoping to get in touch with her. Could my name please join the list of people waiting for information? Could I also add, Ropsley village hall would be a good venue for classes.


  2. Hi
    I was very sad to hear about stitch craft I have also bought items from them, the reason for my comment is that I have a Design Business at The Old School Station road in Grantham, and would be happy for Liz to take Classes with in my Business, if that helps. so if anyone knows how I can contact her that would be great.
    Many Thanks Sue Tyler


    • Hi Sue. Sorry I can’t help with contact details for Liz. Several of her students have found me, while searching for Liz, and asked if I have her email address but unfortunately I don’t. Maybe someone else will see this and get in touch with her on your behalf.


  3. Do you have any contact details for Liz Hands for as you are aware Stitchcraft has gone into liquidation and like you I have been attending Liz’s workshop at Grantham and I am anxious to complete my Delph quilt. Thanks in anticipation.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hi Wendy. I am sure I can get an email address for Liz but was holding fire for a few days before trying to contact her. I am aware of others trying to get confirmation regarding how we progress with our quilts so I am happy to sit back and see what they come up with before I add to her mountain of emails! If I get any info, or get to know her email address, I will pass it on to you.


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