Needle felted landscape…

Shiela's Needle felted landscape.

Sheila’s Needle felted landscape.

I have recently been helping my friend Sheila with a project she has been working on, a needle felted landscape, using one of my pictures (see banner heading) as her inspiration.  It was really nice to work on this together, trying out different materials and bouncing ideas around.  The hills are a mixture of merino top, knitting wool, fine netting and free machine quilted fabric.  Rather than being 2D, we made the tree 3 dimensional which gives added interest to the piece.  The trunk was needle felted as a separate element, and then placed over a sausage shape of wadding  before being anchored to the background.   Tapestry wool was used for the branches and also to depict vines growing up the tree trunk.  I have to say I love Sheila’s version – it’s very colourful and vibrant and looks great in its frame.

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