“Hair of the dog” 3D modelling…

Sometimes we find inspiration when we are really not looking for it….  On Monday I watched in amusement as a friend of mine sheared “Lady”, a little terrier, giving her coat a close-cut number “2”.  I couldnt help thinking of the Specsavers advert and that poor sheepdog!    Thinking of sheep led me to wonder if I could use the curly dog hair, that was now covering the floor, for felting….and if so, wouldnt it be cool to make a needle felt 3D model of the dog and cover it with its own hair?   A quick look on youtube to get some tips on how to form the body and I discovered DIY Puppy Plushie….a couple of hours later we have “Lady” in miniature.   Rather than waste my Merino I used polyester wadding for the core but have since been advised by a very helpful lady at Adelaide Walker that Cheviot wool makes a good base.  The Cheviot’s on order so I am now looking for inspiration for my next project.

Needle felted miniature dog

Needle felted miniature dog

Needle felting using dog hair.

Needle felting using dog hair.

3 thoughts on ““Hair of the dog” 3D modelling…

  1. Aaw, very cute 🙂
    I don’t needlefelt very often so don’t have many ‘proper’ supplies, so I tend to use English 56s tops all ‘messed up’ for securing locks or I use some lambswool from World of Wool for core wool. It’s all under £1.50 for 100g


    • I have been buying supplies of Cheviot from Adelaide Walker with the intention of doing more 3D characters, I might give the English 56 a try. This week I was lucky enough to be offered some raw fleece by a friend who does spinning so that will save me some money…happy days!


      • Lucky you, I love Raw fleece! I washed some Wensleydale locks in shampoo and conditioner a while ago and just used them on a vessel with some raw locks, it turned out really nice.


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