2018 Workshops

Date:  01-02.11.18  Title:  Walk in the Forest
Venue:  Simply Stitch Studio, Village Hall, School Lane, East Keswick near Wetherby LS17 9DA
For more details see the website https://www.simplystitch.co.uk/newpage
Contact:  Nicola Hulme 07969 578289
Email:  nicola@simplystitch.co.uk

Date:  11.11.18         Title:  Wet Felted Fairies
Venue:  Coleman’s Craft Warehouse, Brindley Close, Rushden NN10 6EN
Contact: tel 01933 355530  
Email craft@colemangroup.co.uk

Date:  28.11.18         Title:  Wet Felted Clutch Bag
Venue:  Belchford Village Hall, Main Street, Belchford LN9 6LJ
Contact: tel 07731755033  
Email lincsinstitches@gmail.com

Date:  01.12.18    Title:  Wet Felted Fairies
Venue: Alford Craft Market Centre, 1 West Street,
Alford LN13 9DG
For more details see their website http://www.alfordcraftmarket.co.uk/alford-craft-market-centre.html or call 01507 463341