Tina’s Pocket Books…..

A variety of pocket books created using different fabrics.

A selection of some of Tina’s hand crafted Pocket Books.

At today’s Sit & Stitch session at Stitchcraft I saw these wonderful “pocket books” which were made by Tina Slipper.  What a great idea for using up your off cuts/scraps to make a useful, hand crafted item.  I love Tina’s use of colour and the hand embroidery that she applies to her work.   These would make lovely gifts and can be used to hold all sorts of small items i.e. jewellery, sewing accessories, momento’s, etc.

Opened books reveal the pockets.

Opened books reveal the pockets inside.

Bright, multicoloured kiddies pocket book.

Bright, multicoloured pocket book.

These are all so different it would be hard to chose a favourite.  If you like them as much as I do and would like to have a go yourself Tina is holding her next workshop at Stitchcraft in Grantham on October 30th.

Patchwork Bag by Annette Cooke…..


Denim patchwork and appliqué bag

Denim patchwork and appliqué bag

Yesterday I saw this fabulous ‘recycled denim jeans’ quilted patchwork bag at the Wednesday ‘Sit & Stitch’ Session at Stitchcraft in Grantham.  It was made by Annette Cooke, one of the local crafters, and is covered in all sorts of beautiful, vintage style applique and embellishments.

Detail showing contrasting lining.

Detail showing the contrasting lining.

My friend Molly and I spent the day sewing with Annette and her friends and soon discovered we had chosen the ‘lively’ table to sit at!  Thanks for making the two of us so welcome.   We are looking forward to seeing you all again very soon and hopefully I will get to include more of your work on here.

Side detail

Side detail