Memories of a Greek Holiday…

I can’t believe its been 2 months since my last post…holidays and family commitments have kept me away from the PC for a while but things are getting back to normal now so its time to catch up on what’s been happening ‘craft’ wise.

At the end of April (the day before we were due to fly out to Greece for a 2 week flotilla holidayRobyn was due to hold another felting workshop.  Although I knew I really ought to stay at home and do the packing I managed to somehow escape to Robyn’s studio for the day and had a great time (as always) with the other ladies as we all got creative with bits of fluff!

I wanted to do something different and create an abstract picture in this session but wasn’t sure how to approach it.  Robyn suggested a great method which began with creating small piles of ‘carded’ Merino, combining different colours/shades.  When I had sufficient piles of wool these were laid out and used to create a large sheet of multicoloured ‘pre-felt‘.

Pre-felt stage of abstract picture

The pre-felt has been cut up and rearranged.

The next stage was to cut the pre-felt into squares and rearrange it, in a different order, onto a plain background, adding bits of scrim, nepps and silks and completing the felting process.   There was so much pre-felt I ended up making two pictures, one square and one rectangular.  I enjoyed the process and was really pleased with how the pictures turned out.

Detail of abstract wet felted picture

Close up of the first picture showing the embellishment

Once we got back from holiday I picked up the pieces again and added some sari silks, a few seed beads and some machine embroidery.  I feel like the pictures have taken on a bit of a ‘sea-side’ feel and, with having the two week holiday sandwiched between starting and finishing them, they now remind me of happy times island hopping in the Ionian.

A wet felted abstract picture.

First of two abstract, wet felted pictures created with the guidance of Robyn at Feltybits.


Rectangular wet felted abstract picture

Second of the abstract pictures made at Robyn’s workshop

3D Needle Felting

Last Saturday I attended a 3D needle felting workshop in Heighington run by Robyn Smith of Feltybits.  Robyn began by showing us various peices of her fabulous 3D work and she explained the different techniques of producing the shapes.  We were then asked to chose what we would like to work on and Robyn supplied us with the Merino wool and all the help and advice we needed.  One of the peices we were shown was a tiny toadstool which immediately took me right back to my childhood and the many hours I spent drawing toadstools and elves!  The workshop lasted four hours and it took me all that time to do the basic toadstool and elves body but I loved every minute of it.  Sunday afternoon I was in my element – adding the details including the tiny flowers and the ladybird and putting features and clothes onto the elf.  I was so pleased with the result….I am now even more hooked on felting, if that’s possible.!!

3D Toadstool and Elf created using Merino wool.

3D Toadstool and Elf created using Merino wool.