Morsbags update…..

I mentioned the other week that Lincsinstitches has registered with the Morsbags website to make recycled fabric shopping bags.  Our local Age UK charity shop kindly donated a huge stack of fabric for us to use and Molly and I took this along to the February meeting at Sitting Ducks in Branston Booths.  Several of the ladies joined in making bags while others chose to take fabric home and will be handing their bags in at the March meeting.  So far we have 18 bags made and lots of fabric left over to make more.  If anyone is interested in ditching the plastic carrier bag and making their own Morsbag the labels and a very simple pattern are available on their website at



Sociable guerrilla bagging…..

It is generally acknowledged that plastic bags are harmful to the environment but so many of us still rely on them when we are out shopping.  Well I’ve just discovered a fantastic initiative to flood the world with free, recycled, reusable and highly sustainable tote bags as an alternative to the plastic bag and I am definitely “in”.  To discover more about the effects of plastic bags on the environment and all about the “sociable gorilla bagging” that is  Morsbags take a look at their website a at

The site is packed with information on how to make your own (very quick and easy) Morsbag and encourages folk to get together and socialise while sewing.  You are asked to purchase the official Morsbag labels for any bags you make using their pattern but these are supplied at cost for only 5p per roll and 60p postage in the UK so it’s a no brainer!   There are “pods” of Morsbaggers all over the world from the UK to the US, from Canada to Chili and by the end of this evening there will be one in Horncastle!