Wet Felted Fairy Shoes…..

Two of my boxed sets of wet felted fairy shoes have recently gone to new homes so this weekend I set to and made some more.  These shoes were demonstrated by Robyn Smith at one of the first felting workshops I attended back in 2014.  Trimmed with beads and mounted in a box frame they make a lovely gift for a little girls bedroom…….or maybe even for big girl’s like me who still believe in fairies!

Fairy boots made from red Merino wool tops, embellished with beads

Red Merino Fairy Shoes

Fairy Boots made with blue Merino wool tops embellished with tiny beads

Blue Merino Fairy Shoes

Fairy Boots made from green Merino wool tops and embellished with tiny enamelled flowers

Green Merino Fairy Shoes


Fairy Shoes…

I have been meaning to post these photos for several days but where does the time go?  Last Saturday I met up with a group of other ladies at the Thomas Garrett Rooms in Heighington to take part in the ‘Fairy Shoes’ felting workshop run by Robyn Smith of Feltybits.  Once again it was a great workshop with Robyn offering lots of encouragement and advice regarding wet felting, working with a resist and embellishing.  The tiny shoes were created using Merino wool tops and decorated with seed beads.  The finished items all turned out different in colour and style and looked particularly cute when lined up for the photos!

Fairy Shoes