Bergschaf Clutch Bag…..

A beautifully illustrated book showcasing the versatility of felt.

One of my favourite books is 500 Felt Objects by Lark Crafts.  It isn’t a “how to” book…’s more of a “wow, just look at this, it’s made of felt” type book.  It’s crammed with inspirational photographs of beautiful work showcasing the versatility of felt.  It’s a must for anyone passionate about this medium.    Page 209 features a fabulous bag created by Irit Dulman using Bergschaf and Norwegian wool.

Irit Dulman bag created from Bergschaf and Norwegian wool

This is my small grey/green Bergschaf clutch bag inspired by Irit’s bag.

My second bag is my favourite.  It has a lower relief and a more mottled colouring which I am really pleased with.

Mottled Irit Dulman inspired Clutch bag