Although there were many negative sides to “lockdown”, for many of us, there were also lots of positives. On the one hand all of my classes, exhibitions and shows had to be cancelled which was very depressing. One the other hand, it meant I now had unlimited time for walking with Maddie, my staffy boxer cross, which was uplifting. I’m sure a lot of us started to notice things we would otherwise have simply passed by, like these wonderful shadows cast by the trees.

Shadows cast by the trees on my morning walk
The shadows which were the inspiration for the design

I decided to use these shadows as inspiration for an abstract wet felted Wallhanging. The fibres used are Merino and Viscose and it’s been embellished with free motion stitch, hand spun yarn (my first attempt at spinning!) and Colonial Knots. The finished piece is mounted on board and measures 42cm x 58cm. It will form part of my “Fabric & Fibre of Nature” exhibition at The Quilt & Stitch Show, Uttoxeter in April 2021.

Adding Free Motion Stitch
Adding hand stitched Colonial Knots
Shadows – Fabric & Fibre of Nature

25 thoughts on “Shadows…..

        • It’s a backboard from a picture frame Antje. I’m a big fan of recycling so have a stash of these boards from frames that have lost their glass, or which are a design I simply don’t like any more. I make a policy of never gluing my felt so if I make something very sculptural or stiff I make pairs of holes in the board, stitch through the felt, through the hole and tie off at the back to hold everything in place. With a picture like this one I “lace” the back using crochet cotton to hold it taught.


    • Thanks Laura. I kept my interpretation very loose and thought about several shadows layered on top of each other, with different colours and textures. Another way to approach it might be to think about the negative space between the shadows and make more of that.

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