Tyvek Seed Pod…..

I developed a ganglion on my right hand as a result of making the bird mask last week.  It’s giving me some gip so I’m resting the hand for a while and doing a few pieces that don’t require a strong grip.  Yesterday it was a Tyvek Seed Pod incorporating sari silks and acrylic paint…..

Today I made a start on a mixed Media piece with the theme “Abstraction” which was set by the textile group  Jeudis which I became a member of a couple of months ago.   I’m combining free motion stitch with painted Lutradur and wet Felted Merino, for now it’s work in progress…..



9 thoughts on “Tyvek Seed Pod…..

  1. Get your hand better soon.
    Your pod is interesting (aged and decaying) whilst ‘abstraction’ reminds me of an anatomical view looking down on a left foot! I’m also the one who sees specific images in the clouds!


    • It’s funny how our brain likes to find something recognisable in everything we see. I’ve had a variety of suggestions put forward as to what it might be but yours is the most imaginative so far Antje!


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