Lutradur leaves…..

Busy making samples ahead of next weekends Forest Floor Workshop at Simply Stitch.  Today’s samples are Lutradur leaves…..

Lutradur is a wonderful fabric to work with as it doesn’t fray or tear but can be easily stitched, coloured (Inktense, Acrylics, watercolours, fabric paints, felt pens etc, etc) cut with scissors or a soldering iron and distressed using a heat tool.  It’s possible to create beautiful, lacy effects when making leaf skeletons.

I had intended to paint this leaf but it has a  ‘frosted’ look about it which I like.  It’s given me the idea of creating a monochrome Winter sample with frosted bark and grasses.

This Autumnal leaf (above) is my favourite so far….and this is the back of it…..

22 thoughts on “Lutradur leaves…..

  1. They are just gorgeous Karen. I love trees and anything tree related, especially autumn colours. Yes please try the Winter sample, I am sure it would be lovely.


  2. A-maz-ing. The first photo….I had to blow it up to make sure I really was loooking at stitches!
    And I’ve only just finished (yesterday) reading ‘Lovely Lutradur’ by Marion Barnett & Dijanne Cevaal, so your leaves are very timely.
    On your frosted leaf idea could you add tiny seed beads to the edges to glisten like frost seen in the sun?
    Hopefully one day we can entice you up to North Yorkshire.


    • I like your seed bead idea Antje, that would look great! I’m not familiar with the book you mentioned so will have to look it up. I’m wondering where abouts in North Yorkshire you are as I’m running two workshops north of Scarborough at the end of June.


      • Karen would you please give me more details about your Scarborough (2 hr drive for me) workshops.
        I belong to a local textile group, and although our calendar is booked for this year for our monthly workshops….2019 (seems so far into the future!) is in the planning.


        • One is for EYES (East Yorkshire Embroiderers), the other is for Heirloom Quilters. If you would Be interested in a possible Talk or Workshop for 2019 for your group please get in touch with me using the Contact Form and we can discuss options.


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