Autumnal Nuno Collar…..

I was pleased with the shape and size of the grey merino collar I made recently so thought I would stick with those proportions to make an Autumnal Nuno Collar using the “tile” technique.

Colour scheme based on a Charity shop silk scarf.

A shop bought yellow/orange/purple silk scarf formed the basis of my colour scheme.  Using a set of Colorhue silk dyes I mixed a yellow and purple to use on Uzbek silk to tone in with the patterned scarf.  The colours were incredibly vibrant and brighter than intended but the  “Dune” Superfine Merino from World of Wool has knocked it right back and it looks very subtle in the finished scarf.

Uzbek silk painted with Colorhue silk paints

All together there were tiles from four different silk fabrics, this close up shows some of the wonderful textures that have resulted from them.

Nuno felted collar, still wet but looking lovely!

Tomorrow I will post a photo of the finished collar……once it’s had time to dry out and show its true colours.

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