My New Workroom Blinds…..

The second of today’s “catch-ups” is my new Roman Blinds.  I loved the Jakarta fabric from Dunelm with its botanical theme which I used for Bobs hallway earlier this year and knew I wanted to use it again…….my two workroom windows seemed the obvious place.

The fabric has given the room a very cheerful feel and the off cuts came in useful to make a bright tote bag for carrying my stash and equipment to workshops.

7 thoughts on “My New Workroom Blinds…..

  1. Hi, do you make the Jakarta Roman blinds? I have the material. I am looking to put them on a small window in a door, approx 67x100cm


  2. Really loving the fabric. I wish I could be as crafty to create some blinds out of any type of material. Well, material that can be sturdy enough for blinds, anyway. That looks amazing!


    • Glad you like it. To be honest it’s easier to work with a sturdy cotton rather than a light weight fabric when making Roman blinds. I’ve just made a pair of blinds using dress fabric, chosen by my niece for her kitchen, and found that light weight cotton has a tendency to move more when your cutting and sewing it. As you can imagine, when this happens, it makes it a bit of a challenge to get the blind perfectly square.


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